E&Y’s European Government & Innovation Summit

The 2012 Ernst & Young event on Government & Innovation in the European Union is fast approaching. This European conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with the EU and the business community around innovation and to stimulate an ongoing dialogue between both communities.

Ernst & Young’s Growing Beyond Summit explores opportunities across expanding into new markets, finding new ways to innovate and implementing new approaches to talent. We cordially invite you to join Ernst & Young and a select group of senior executives and policy-makers from across Europe at our latest Growing Beyond Summit, where we will discuss how to create a smarter and simpler innovation policy in the European Union — the theme of the day is Government & Innovation.

The results of Ernst & Young’s second annual report on Government & Innovation confirm that the combined strength of EU governments and institutions, when effectively partnered with the business community, can stimulate and foster innovation and entrepreneurship. We will examine what needs to be done to enable the public and private sectors to pioneer breakthrough innovations that will drive much-needed economic growth.


  • EU and business focused presentations
  • Business cases on innovation
  • Presentation of Ernst & Young’s study on innovation, in collaboration with the think tank CEPS

Key note speakers

  • Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
  • Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
  • Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
  • Ilaria Rosso, Co-founder Electro Power systems and winner of the first EU Prize for Women Innovators

Who should attend?

  • EU officials and policy-makers
  • Business leaders
  • Academics and commentators
  • Chambers of Commerce

Register now

Registrations can be made via the following link:



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