Advisory Board

Dirk Brossé

Dirk Brossé is a versatile and successful composer. He has written concerts, oratorio, hymns, chamber music and symphonies which are performed worldwide and registered in over 40 countries. Dirk Brossé also composes music for theatre and film. Dirk Brossé has performed in reknown concert halls. He is cultural ambassador of Flanders and was rewarded with the Golden Medal of Honour of the Flemish Parliament.

Alain De Taeye

Alain De Taeye (born in 1957), CEO at Tele Atlas, graduated as Civil engineer / architect at the University of Ghent where he worked for several years as research assistant. In 1984 he established his own company in Ghent that apart from consultancy also developed route planning systems. The company merged in 1988 with the Dutch Tele Atlas, producer of digital maps are used in i. e. GPS navigation systems. In the mean time Tele Atlas has evolved into a listed multinational company operating from sites worldwide and operational headquarters in Ghent.

Alain Liebaert

Alain Liebaert (born in 1964) graduated from Antwerp University with a degree in economics with specialisation in option econometrics. He also got a postgraduate as expert in creative thinking techniques. His first employment was as a management consultant for an international group. Since 1989 he is employed at NV Marcel Liebaert, first as manager, and since 1998 as managing director. Alain Liebaert is also active as freelance pilot at ABELAG.

Isabelle Santens

Since 2000 Isabelle Santens is general manager of Andres nv. Andres nv creates, produces and commercialises the brands Xandres, Hampton Bays, x-line xandres and xandres golf. Apart from that, Andres is also active in Corporate wear, including uniforms for Brussels Airlines and Thomas Cook. Andres nv is mainly a wholesale company with 12 pilot stores in Belgium and 3 stores in the Netherlands.

Mark Vaeck

Mark Vaeck has more than twenty years of experience in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry. In 2001 he was a co-founder of Ablynx, for which he collected 30 million Euros of venture capital and closed several important deals with large pharmaceutical companies. From 1998 to 2001 he was COO of Ceres Inc. (USA) and before that CEO of Keygene (the Netherlands). Between 1983 and 1993 he held several management functions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, at amongst others EuroCetus (Chiron Corp, USA), UCB Pharma and PGS. At the moment he is also director of Algonomics NV. Mark Vaeck obtained his PhD. in immunology at the Free University of Brussels.

Marc Van Montagu

Marc Van Montagu is an international reknown pioneer in genetics. In collaboration with Jozef Schell he discovered the mechanism of gene transfer which is of utmost importance for the genetic modification of plants. Van Montagu was co-founder of two spin-offs: Plant Genetic Systems (PGS) and CropDesign. In 2000 he set up the Institute of Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries (IPBO) at the University of Ghent. The mission of this institute is training, technology transfer and research for plant biotechnology, aimed at the needs of less developed countries. He is chairman of the PRRI (Public Research and Regulation Initiative) and of the EFB (European Federation of Biotechnology). Marc Van Montagu was rewarded with several prizes, among which the prestigious “Japan Prize”. Since 1990 he carries the title of baron.

Philippe Vlerick

Philippe Vlerick is CEO of BIC Carpets and UCO Textiles and board member of several companies. In 2006 he was awarded “manager of the year” by the magazine Trends.

Rita De Caluwe

Professor, UGent

Wim Delvoye

Artist, Delvoye Art bvba

André Denys

Gouvernor East-Flanders

Martin De Prycker

Consultant, Agoria, Voka

Ronald Everaert

Chairman International Club of Flanders

Paul Lagasse

Professor, UGent

Lutgart Van den Berghe

Professor, UGent