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UGent Information session: 'Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in scientific research'

Are you working with or supervising applied or fundamental research that has the slightest potential of involving “living organisms; plants, animals and microbe or derivatives thereof”? Then you (possibly) have to comply with the Nagoya Protocol (NP) and the Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Regulation.
This international legislation stipulates that users of genetic resources must obtain consent from the country of origin and must make contractual arrangements to equally share the benefits derived from these resources. 
The protocol is applicable to genetic resources in situ and ex situ and the traditional knowledge thereof. It is not applicable to genetic resources from humans; with specialized access- and benefit-sharing instruments (e.g., the ITPGRFA); obtainedfrom areas beyond national jurisdictions (e.g. Antarctica, the high seas).
With this first information session we hope to make clear what the Nagoya Protocol is about, who has to comply and how (what to do) and what are the implications for scientific research.