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UGent Lecture 'Data mining, big data visualization, data integration: modern approaches to basketball analytics'

In the past few decades, the application of statistical thinking to sports has rapidly gained
interest, as documented by the wide variety of scientific research on this theme and also by the
publication of some insightful collections of statistical analyses applied to data from a broad
range of sports. In this context, an international project, called “Big Data Analytics in Sports” (BDSports) 
was born at the University of Brescia, within the activities of the "Big&Open Data Innovation Laboratory". 
The BDSports project aims at creating a unique collaboration among experts of quantitative analysis in all kind of sports. 
In this talk, the focus is on basketball, for which, in the literature, several statistical techniques have been applied with a great variety
of different aims, ranging from simply depicting the main features of a game by means of
descriptive statistics to the investigation of more complex problems, ...

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